Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Keeping a Diary/Journal

Writing is a powerful form of self-expression. It is a known fact that many people start writing a diary at one time or another, and many people start keeping a diary during a difficult period of time only to shortly abandon it and never really keep it up. There are many advantages with keeping a diary or journal and it is a great way to express your emotions and treasure experiences good &/or bad that happened in the past. Years from now you’ll wonder what you were going through and maybe how you have progressed and as humans we are prone to lose track of these things, which is why it is good to regularly document what’s happening in our lives.

Everyone has different ideas, thoughts, dreams, feelings, experiences, more importantly everyone has their story, their journey. Having them written down always makes it more real, more concrete than merely thinking them. A lot of people worry as to how good their writing skills are, but here is the beauty of it all, it’s your diary. There is no need for particular writing skills; it’s not as if anyone is going to judge you. In fact by structuring yourself to write regularly you will automatically develop better writing and stronger organization skills such as list making (which is a great trait to be able to get things done/achieve goals), not only that but you will also gain better time management.

Whether you write daily, weekly, or monthly writing creates more awareness, more focus on what you want and what is important to you. It shouldn't be considered as a task as you are setting aside time for yourself, it is ‘your time’ you should be able to write at your will and benefit from doing so.

One of the main benefits of keeping a diary is that it can be used to vent out anger & frustration as well as excitement therefor reducing stress. Writing about an issue or event allows you to express your feelings, pour out your heart amd tell your innermost thoughts. Through this expression you will gain clarity, release and relief, you will feel calmer and be able to find better solutions to your problems. 

While writing in your journal you will find yourself identifying the values for which you stand for, you will get to know your processes: how you think, learn & create. Writing a journal will build self-confidence and become a great tool for the self-discovery to who you really are.

So that being said, if you have decided on keeping a diary here are some useful tips to start you off:

-Find a place and a time to write where you won’t be disturbed. Ideally I would choose to write at the end of work/school or just before bed when everything is quiet.
-Promise yourself you will write for 10-15 minutes minimum whether it’s daily or not.
-Once you start writing don’t worry about spelling or grammar.
-You are writing for yourself, so no need to hide anything, express yourself freely & never leave out details (bad or good).
-Personalize your diary, make it so it’s enjoyable to write in, make it yours!
-And finally if you ever face the ‘blank page syndrome’ take a break and come back to it and if not try writing about something like:
     - Your day or highlight of the day
     - Something that’s been worrying you
     - A problem you've been avoiding
     - A dream
You won't know until you try...    

MissMya xx                        

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