Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms

 Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms* £2.99 each via Boots Link

Having purchased 2 baby lips lip balms  when visiting family back in the uk , I recently mentioned to my boyfriend as to how much I would like the others & to my surprise when he last visited me in March he had bought me all 6 Maybelline’s infamous Baby Lips lip balms found in UK, which I was not expecting!

Much like everyone else the first thing that drew my attention was the cute & colorful packaging which tends to stand out from other lip balms. Having said that there has been a few people stating as to how the lip balms were almost childish and looked a little cheap and I guess such view is warranted as they are plastic and brightly adorned; in my opinion the lipstick style bullet ensures ease of application & for £2.99 each where are they going wrong? They were hardly ever going to compete with high-end brands!

What is surprising for such a cheap product costing less than £3 are the pretty substantial ingredients including honey, Shea butter, aloe, vitamin E & for some SPF 20. Of course Maybelline claiming them to keep your lips hydrated for eight hours was false and last in fact for about 2 hours; I was astounded as to how these hard balms seemed almost liquid like and soft on the lips. They have such a light texture and glide on with such ease; it was the opposite to what I expected them to be. I expected the texture to tug and pull at the lips when applying but I found myself to be completely wrong!

However all these good factors these Baby Lips contain petroleum in a pretty large quantity and the main problem with this is that it tends to create a barrier of hydration therefor masking the problem of dry lips. It is said that overtime this ingredient sucks out extra moisture from the skin making your dry lips not better but worse, which explain why there are no real lasting benefits to this particular balm or any other petroleum based balms.

To finish off here are the names & scents of all 6 found in the UK. Obviously if you are looking for different shades and scents you will have to look around in the US.

Hydrate (lemon scent), Mint Fresh (mint scent) & Intense Care (cherry almond) containing SPF appear clear with a slightly glossy finish.

The following applied leave a little tint of color but do not contain SPF: Pink Punk (light pink with a passion fruit sent, Cherry Me (cherry scented with a tinge of red) & last but not least Peach Kiss (a peach scent with a nude tint).

As much as the smell, fun packaging and texture of these balms please me, I neither love nor hate these; I find they are easy to just carry around and stash in your makeup bag for a quick fix but think there are definitely better lip products out there!  

MissMya xx

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