Friday, 21 February 2014

Origins GinZing Energy boosting moisturizer

 Origins Gin Zing Moisturiser| £23.00 | Link

When it comes to skincare I’m very particular on the products I use and I have been looking for a good day moisturizer for absolutely ages now, I've tried loads of products but never been fully satisfied. Origins would have to be one of my favorite brands for skincare as I have tried several of their face masks and moisturizers and have never been disappointed in the results, so when I heard Origins had released a new gel moisturizer named ‘Gin Zing’ that promised to energize tired looking skin it went straight to my wish list!

Before purchasing this item I did a lot of research and read a lot of bloggers reviews to see whether it was something that would be suitable for my skin.

Having combination skin I do tend to favor gel formulations for the day as they allow a light dose of moisture without overwhelming my skin therefore preventing excess oil across my T zone throughout the day. I have to say Origins ‘Gin Zing' moisturizer is perfect for this because of it's lightweight texture and oil-free formula. I find it instantly brightens up my face allowing a friendly boost of radiance, a slight glow, without making it look greasy in the slightest! I think this is because it contains a blend of panax ginseng as well as caffeine aiding the optimization of cellular energy and helps to condition and repair the skin. Origins describe this product as a ‘Skin Energy Drink’ and I totally agree, and since this moisturizer allows just a slight radiance I find it makes a great base for makeup thanks to it's lightweight texture.

This product is more suitable in my opinion for normal, oily or combination skin types, and I’m not saying this won’t be your cup of tea if you have dryer skin, but it may not give the complete moist feeling you need. In that case I suggest to maybe couple this product with something more hydrating like Hydraluron for a more intense moisture boost.

Everything about this moisturizer attracts me, not only the texture or the wonders it does for your skin, but the citrus smell is absolutely devine and the bright orange packaging makes this product a whole new reason to drag yourself out of bed in the morning! Think of it as your new morning wake up call in a jar! 

MissMya xx

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  1. Thank you for this lovely post! I'm definitely gonna get it :)